Saturday, August 4, 2012

Buwan ng Wika

It's August!

Which, in our country, is the "Buwan ng Wika"

Translation: Month of the (Philippine) Language

With this in mind, I took up the challenge of making ALL my posts for this month in my native language: Filipino...excluding this one since, well, I already started it in English. It'll be inconsistent of me to switch from one language to another.

Frankly, I'm not that nationalistic/patriotic of my own country. I think the reason why I think this way is because I was born during the time when the Philippines isn't doing well/slowly descending towards the bottom of the economic triangle (Largely due to the actions of a late president). The country was like a mess as described by my teachers/professors aroung the 1990s, with reforms and everything underway for the fixation of the new and longstanding problems faced by it.
This is mostly from what I know, and isn't 100% factual for I am not fond of reading history books and listening to lectures of such.

In connection above, I even have a harder time writing in our own dialect(although I use it more for speaking...) often using the almighty Google Translate. So with this so called mission, I might get more fluent at it and obtain a greater appreciation of nationalism!!

 Next up is about my past and desired hobbies! in tagalog. Nooouuououuuou.