Thursday, November 8, 2012

Promotional Empathy

Remember a previous post where I said I'll be playing tennis?


Describes what I feel perfectly
...Then again I haven't checked so this might be the first time mentioning this.
Anyway, only managed to practice for half a day, then my body failed me once again with such activities concerning ANYTHING TO DO WITH BODY MOVEMENTS AND PHYSICAL EXERCISE.

No, I'm not frustrated or any-


Onward to me advertising the MOST PLAYED PC GAME IN THE WOORLDDDD:

It's a game produced(not sure if this is the right term) by Riot Games which is similar to DotA, except it's a more noob-friendly game. I'm not saying that all LoL players are noob, since I'd be calling myself one if I did, it's just that the learning curve for LoL is slightly easier compared to its predecessor, removing denying in exchange for zoning, introducing smart cast, etc. It's made as such so that the players would be more active playing the game.
Although I'm maining support, so I usually sit in the brush at bot lane trying to either babysit or get aggressive depending on which support I'm using. FTW SONA POKE THAT B*TCHXX HUEHUEHUE

Most of what I stated above might be wrong since this is how I understand the game and which I have loved playing.
#Current Meta Problems, even though I have no qualms against it.
The infographic below should suffice any explanation needed to why YOU should be playing.

I solemnly swear that I have no bias with this game...
 Just felt like updating even tho the contents of this post is utter opinionated sh*t. But then it's my blog, so whatever.