Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's the FLU


When ill, sleep until all is well

or take meds, inhalers, and every other drug you see that you think is okay

Hail, Ilong Ranger
Recently I've been attracting a lot of attention....from diseases. I've just recovered from food poisoning - I don't even know what I consumed that made me visit the toilet a couple of times a day - and now when I'm nearing the maximum limit of absences, I get the flu. As said by my aunt(who's a doctor), it might be because of my current low resistance - from recent recovery - against foreign entities invading my system.

Or maybe it's just colds coupled with a slight fever, but it still counts!

Decided on staying home for the day, I planned on finishing the plate due this morning before going to sleep last night so I wouldn't be lagging behind class. It was supposed to be a finalized version of one of our previous plate.
  • Lost the original
  • Technical pens clogged
  • Too tired to stay awake
Yep...cleaned my tech pens instead.

Oh, I also lost another plate due tomorrow. Wow, I'm sooo fucked unlucky.

Might as well redo everything, though I'll still try to find the other plate. It takes time tracing buildings and its surrounding entourage.

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