Saturday, July 7, 2012


Inactivity and 'Doodle Mind-boggling'

Sorry for my 2 month absence! I was out of the country and I was just too lazy to post any inspirational and boring posts. I didn't manage to go online while I was abroad because I was too engrossed with everything - mainly due to my first out-of-the-country trip! 
At Venice Beach!

Yes, I'm that skinny Asian neuter. No, I do not want to show my face. Yes, those are bikes.
Anyway I haven't gone through my photos of my trip, hence still not uploading it. It's been a while since I've updated my display picture for no one to see. loser alert

Now let me introduce you to this simple, cool, complex and addictive(opinion) flash game called Doodle God. It's also available for App download.

In this game you combine two elements to form a new element, until you reach the total number of elements which is 115. It took me 3 nights (not full 24 hour days) to finish this without using hints, since hints are for sissies.
...mind-boggling piece of flash game that makes you so frustrated you miss a meal of dinner.
Although I had to give it to the creator  you can't leave halfway through it. It's as if you need to finish it. Every time you manage to create a new element you know there's a new possibility of combining something with it. The elements were also interesting enough that sometimes logic doesn't apply.

I'd let the 1st one pass, but Worm+Swamp=Snake?!
I therefore conclude that logic is not applicable in real life.

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