Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Insomnia and REMs

Rapid Eye Movement, to those who doesn't know.

So here I am lying in bed with a cup of hot milk beside me, careful not to spill it onto my covers, not that I'd get spilled on but I'd get scolded for it.

I do wish this cup of milk would be my ticket to the first person fantasies that I dream of, though this body of mine is lactose intolerant, obviously stated from my last post. So I ain't going into details anymore.

Oh, sweet release of sleeping powder that I crave to be sprinkled upon, where are you? Why is it that you always arrive late whenever I have to be EARLY for SOMETHING IMPORTANT the next day...or later since it's already past midnight.

I'm getting tired of researching and reading through the articles and tips and tricks on how to get those REMs so I could just have a peaceful shut eye, the different versions of "How To Avoid Insomnia! Symptoms and Remedies" by authors, doctors, and know-it-alls.

I'm not even sure if this is insomnia or just me getting used to not feeling the sense of "sleepiness".
...I think both are the same, tho. *sigh
Problem is, the one (and obviously the most reiterated) solution is to avoid being in front of a monitor; whether a desktop, TV, etc, is the hardest part to follow! Then the usually same follow up is that "to read before sleeping" and "drink milk and other foods that are rich in Serotonin - one classic example is the banana.

It doesn't work on my part since:

  • I'm usually 24/6 online
    • Or reading a book in one seating - even if it isn't a "one-seating" type of book
      • will delve on this on a different post, if it still interests me
  • I'm a bookworm and reading doesn't get me to sleep, that tip is invalid!
    • Might be caused of my excessive exposure to the LEDCVTH whatever lights that comes from the monitor
  • I'm, for the third time, lactose intolerant
  • I usually ignore the bananas in the middle of the table.
    • too lazy to peal off skin.
...Painful realization strikes me that I'm the one to blame for this self-inflicted insomnia. Ughh, f*cking irony.

Anyway, Good Night to you guys and have a sweet dream or a beautiful nigtmare LOOOOL.

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