Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Diary...rhea

April 10, 2012

This is the first of many narration of any unusual, intriguing, absurd, or practically normal day-to-day events that occurred that is worthy enough for a single post. I'd always label them "diary, daily events" so as to separate it with my works, if I do have, and will have, any.

If you're not into these sort of things, or my life, whichever you deem more tedious, then you're free to not read.

Oh, and sorry if it's a day late. People need to rest after a long day outside...literally.

So, yesterday I went to my university to meet up with a friend and get my transfer documents, even if I'm not entirely sure where and why I would transfer, and that I was instructed to get these papers for, well, "just-to-be-sure" circumstances.
We then went a series of painstaking misunderstandings, long queues, wrong directions, and exorbitant fees for just a piece of copy of our transcript, consuming at most an hour for it.
But I presume it's because of the recent end of the one week vacation to respect the Holy Week, where every Catholic is obliged to sit for 3 hours watching re-enactments of certain events in the Bible, notably that of the "Washing of the Feet". I guess it wouldn't be that bad on the day of enrollment...if I do stay.
Going back, I then left for a classmate's house to exchange, or more like barter, games on the PS3, since it saves money with the help of borrowing and circulating games between friends. Although this wouldn't  be possible anymore with the rumored release of the PS4, Orbis.
Hello to the future of complete rule against piracy, if borrowing from a friend IS considered as one.
During my stay there, my stomach started to grumble, not in the way as I would know that I'm hungry, more of a sign that I ate/drank something that could've upset my stomach, which is my dreaded enemy: Milk.
Oh, the wonders of betting that just a milkshake wouldn't harm me.
I sure did lose that bet.
It isn't much really, unless your friend decides to share it to his parents, with them buying me medicine for my on going battle against the toilet seat, and ultimately losing my dignity in that household...
...Oh the shame, in extremist terms

Well I guess, summing up this random and irrelevant article that I just made, we can conclude that there's an unspoken rule to never tell a family member secrets that are often better kept hidden, or released in secrecy in the confines of the bathroom.

But, in all honesty, this event sure sparked an idea for a part of my story board - whatever I may create with my limited imagination.
At least it's a start!

Random bits of self-reflection: Household somewhat off my to-go list anymore, even if my reason is as shallow as a pond created by melted ice-cream.

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