Saturday, March 2, 2013

Opinion: Gun Control

Gun Control, or Man Control?

How gun control could actually further suppress the rights of the population

Paulo, a friend/bro/co-worker/Proporter*, and I have been filming a documentary on the prevalence of crime within Pasadena, and earlier today we covered a protest over a gun show in Glendale. Although I admire the sentiments of the people who were out under the sun holding their placards for hours, I'm unable to sympathize with their main cause: gun control as a way to diminish crime.

To begin with it, the Second Amendment states that individuals not in service of the military have the right to be gun owners and shall not be infringed. With this in mind the very essence of gun control contradicts the amendment as it is. 

This isn't a collective right but an individual right, and hence once gun control pushes through it would not only suppress the item's distribution and use but also suppress the person to exercise their right of possessing fire-arms as a means of self-defense.

It is not the gun that's doing the killing - an object can't act on its own accord. It is the owner who, as his motives and actions exhibit, has a distorted outlook/comprehension when considering what is seen as "violent."
Fending against a person with an AK-47 with Tae Kwon Do doesn't look promising.
 Albeit I think having guns licensed is a way- or a step - that could minimize the use irresponsible owners of fire-arms for the dissemination of violence since the government authorities will have information on the owner, type of gun, where and when it was bought, etc. As said by one of the protesters, think of it similarly to how your car and pet gets licensed. It legalizes the ownership  take away from them. gun culture.

Another way brought up by someone who was in line for the gun show is having the dealers carry out a thorough background check of the client to see fit his credibility as a prospective owner. Coupled with the suggestion above, manages to regulate without suppressing the individual right of a person.

Regulated malice is better than anarchy (protester)

*Proporter - Professional Reporter; removing "re-" and substituting it with an anomalous prefix "pro-",  which is short for professional. I have a habit of replacing the first syllables of words with it, even if the original word loses all its sense after the modifications...

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