Monday, March 18, 2013

Religion is an Illusion: 3 minute persuasive speech

Before starting off, I would like to inform you that I'm your bro-h with a religious upbringing. It just so happens that a friend of mine needed help on writing a speech about how religion is just a false idea.

Illusion is implied here with the definition of a “false idea.” From the title itself you might get a grasp of the statement’s essence: Religion, as a whole, is merely an idea conceptualized by our forefathers.

Yet here we are, a religious country, might as well say overzealous when it comes to it, who continues to believe even if we do so out of…habit – blind followers. Here, where the Church manages to hold the government to a stand still whenever they find something ‘harmful’ to the Christian belief of the populace – Theocracy.
Having a senate in the Church sounds appealing

So how does one exist without factual proof of his lifetime besides the words passed down from centuries before by his disciples? How do we validate the authenticity of what is written on the pages of the bible’s New Testament when many of the Old Testament’s contents are not only directly contradictory to itself but also contradicts what the latter testament detests?

On the topic of the Bible, since it is what they see as the strongest evidence of Christianity’s history, there are inconsistencies present when describing the events during Jesus’ life between the authors of different books of the New Testament. Written in the Old Testament, what were perceived as scientifically true back then, such as the explanation that the earth is the center of the universe and how the sun revolves around it, are now considered fallacy backed up by factual proof. Every Saint sees polygamy and prostitution heinous whereas their ancestors preached the coming of Christ with their own hands dirtied from the acts they've committed which, during their time, were considered morally correct, although they might have a valid reason: to populate the earth.

Sigmund Freud interprets why people still believe due to three reasons; because our primal ancestors believed, because we have proof that has been handed down through antiquity, and third is we are not allowed to question the authenticity. Emphasizing on the third interpretation, this is how our country is right now. To be conservative to the point of neglecting the desirable growth of the nation is worse than sacrificing some ideals that have been/are likely to be unreal or which it cannot be adopted to the demands of the current society.
Sigmund Freud smoking Tobacco

The only thing that keeps the beliefs of not only Christianity but of all the religion is the faith mustered from each individual, but with the evolving world we live in today I’m unsure of how they will keep up.

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